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About EasyBill32 and Carraway Computer Systems LLC

Carraway Computer Systems LLC (CCS LLC) opened for business on April 1, 2001 when David Carraway moved from being one member of a programming team to being the owner of the EasyBill utility billing software company. Since that time, EasyBill32 has continued to be improved and modified to better meet the needs of all of the EasyBill32 customers across the USA. 

CCS is a small family owned business located in Hattiesburg Mississippi, serving over 380 customers in over 35 states. Its success can easily be attributed to the southern hospitality style of software support offered for a very reasonable support contract price, very affordable license pricing, and the user-friendliness of EasyBill32 itself.

The ease and thoroughness with which EasyBill32 presents pertinent information about product usage, sales and revenue has been appreciated by data entry personnel, accountants and auditors alike. There are also safeguards automatically incorporated into data records that provide security for sensitive data types while also providing data entry activity information helpful for detecting inappropriate attempts to mask unwanted revenue diversion or usage tampering.

A concerted effort has been made to provide a wide range of flexibility while maintaining a simple approach to utility billing tasks.
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