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Prices for EasyBill32 and associated products

The following section describes the pricing structure for a user license authorizing a customer to use EasyBill32 for their billing purposes. The up front price, due and payable within the initial 60 days after installing EasyBill32 for evaluation and/or purchase, is based on the number of active customer accounts to be maintained and billed.
Base price includes sample database with 20 sample accounts for practice and evaluation of software functions.$999
The first 500 active accounts
$3 each
Active accounts 501 through 1000$2 each
All active accounts above 1000
$1 each
Network "Multi-User" VersionPrice for Full "Stand-Alone" Version described above PLUS $995
The following section contains pricing for forms supplied by CCS for use with EasyBill32. All of these forms are designed specifically for use with EasyBill32 and, as such, represent intellectual property of CCS LLC.
Descriptions of forms...Price
BILLING CARDS: Four cards per letter size sheet with blue background to be mailed at USPS postcard rate; 2000 cards per box (500 sheets). These cards can be ordered with either the standard BLUE background or a RED background.2000 cards for $149
4000 cards for $288
6000 cards for $417
8000+ cards for $139 per 2000
FORM 2002: Two forms per letter size sheet with blue background to be inserted into #10 windowed envelopes (left side mailing address window) and mailed at USPS letter rate; each form contains a horizontal perforation separating the top section (for customer to keep) from the bottom section (to be returned with payment); 2000 forms per box (1000 sheets). This form may be used for customer billing or cutoff notices.
2000 forms for $149
4000 forms for $288
6000 forms for $417
8000+ forms for $139 per 2000
Bank Draft (Checks) Forms: Each letter size sheet has three forms (checks) preprinted with a light blue background pattern. These forms are intended to be printed as checks that would then be taken to the bank for deposit after obtaining documented approval by each customer being debited.$0.30 per form (check)
FORM 1112/Final Notice: Each letter size sheet has three equal size sections, 500 letter size sheets per box.
1. For billing, the top and middle sections are to be mailed to the customer and the bottom section can be kept and filed for reference purposes. One box provides 500 customer bills.
2. For cutoff or final notices, each section is used for a separate customer notice. One box provides 1500 customer notices.
For both purposes, this form is intended to be inserted into a #10 windowed envelope (left side mailing address window) and mailed at USPS letter rate.
500 sheets for $139
1000 sheets for $268
1500 sheets for $387
2000 sheets for $129 per 500
The following section contains pricing for Southern Hospitality Software Support contracts offered to CCS LLC customers for technical software support.
Southern Hospitality Software Support contracts are offered to assist EasyBill32 users in the following ways:
1. To obtain free answers to questions about proper use of EasyBill32 for utility billing tasks. ($150 per call value)
2. To obtain free help with issues that arise concerning the use of EasyBil32 for utility billing tasks. ($150 per call value)
3. To obtain free periodic software updates containing code changes and fixes. ($395 value)
4. Emergency bill printing. If a customer needs for us to print and mail their bills in an emergency situation, and if we have an internet connection to their computer system that would allow us to retrieve their current database, we will print and mail their bills for the cost of the cards or forms, plus USPS postage, plus handling fees comensurate with the tasks involved. 
$500 per year or $45 per month
The following section describes other EasyBill32 products or features not described above.
Automated Meter Reading (AMR) application for use on tablets and notebook computers running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (not available for Android, IPad, IPhone or Windows RT)$695
Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system interfaces are available for many AMR systems currently being used by utilities.$695
EasyBill32 software updates are available from time to time with new features that have been requested by customers. $395 without a current software support contract.
Free with a current software support contract.
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